A lucky woman


In the summer of 2011 I was a strong woman, I worked and I did a lot of sport, I went trekking twice every month and I ran a lot. Suddenly I began losing weight, I went to the doctor and after some tests he found I had a cancerous tumour in the kidney. I was very shocked. I had gone to the doctor alone because I thought that my problem was a thyroid problem not a serious problem. I didn’t believe it! I went to another doctor who made the same diagnosis, and the only solution was to remove my kidney and afterwards they would decide. Only two doctors in the whole of Europe could do the operation to try to save the kidney: one in Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. Luckily, I have some very good friends and the doctor in Hospital Clinic visited me and he said he would operate on me with two teams, one to save the kidney and the other if the kidney was not fine, would remove it. The operation went well, and they saved the kidney.

One month after the operation I received a call from Hospital Clinic; it was a doctor and he asked me, if I thought I was a lucky woman? I answered, why? He told me he had worked as a pathologist for 15 years and it was the first time that a tumor like this was not cancerous, congratulations. After that when I ‘m anxious, or worried I remember the most important thing in life is life itself.

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Is the smartphone a tool or our master?


Most of us love our cell phones. We won’t leave the house without our phones.

Smartphones are our link to the outside world, and many people keep their phones close to them, on the desk, on the dinner table, or even when they sleep. But what advantages and disadvantages do they have?

The first advantage is information: we can find it at any time, and very quickly, and we can know  what‘s going on anywhere  in real time: everything and everywhere.

The second advantage is being able to talk and have the answer rapidly not only individually like on old phones, but now you can have the group’s response without talking to everyone one by one.

The third advantage is that on only one device you can take pictures, have all the information about the world, but also your accounts: it’s also a computer, a games machine and a whole world, but not the World.

But there are also some disadvantages. The main one is that you lose your privacy: you are connected to all your friends at all times.

People are more interested in their phones than talking to the person who is in front of them. We have lost our ability to express our feelings and trust, intimacy and empathy   disappear by phone. We are more interested in sending a photo by whatsApp than in seeing the landscape.

Is the smartphone a tool or our master?

Dolors Terrés


A letter of complaint


TO: Mr. J. Suarez-Corte Ingles Complaint Department

FROM: Mrs. Dolors Terrés

RE: Product Issue

Dear Mr. Suarez,

My name is Dolors Terrés and I am a loyal customer. During the last 25 years I have purchased lights, clothes, food, and a host of other products. I like to buy in your stores because you have different brands of everything.

Last month, I bought some special clothes in your department store in Portal del Angel in Barcelona, it’s a North-face raincoat. When I bought it, I realized that I hadn’t brought my polar and I needed to know if they fitted together. I asked the shop assistant if there was one size more and she answered that it was not a problem.

I called her the same day because when I tried it on at home, I realized that I needed the next size. The shop assistant told me she would reserve one for me.

The next day I brought back my raincoat to change it and then I noticed that there was nothing booked. I talked to the shop assistant and the only answer was incredibly that she didn’t remember anything. I am really annoyed.

I know your high standard of service and I am sure you will be able to resolve the situation in a satisfactory way.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Dolors Terrés

PS: I attach a copy of my receipt and also all the characteristics of the raincoat. 222.words.

Our health


We have all been there at some point in our lives going to the doctor with or without insurance. I’ll tell you about my experience. Last week my mother broke her arm, and as she has private insurance, we decided to go to a private hospital. The doctor immobilized her arm and he told us that we had to come back the following week because if the arm was fine, he could take off the plaster and he would put on a special wristband. On Friday, we arrived at the doctor’s at 6:30 PM. and the doctor without doing anything special, wrote on a piece of paper, wristband with three attachments, and he gave us the address of an orthopaedic shop, and he added that the store closes at 7:00PM.

I read the prescription for a wristband and I noticed that it was a common wristband that you could buy in many places. I commented on this and he told me this wristband was special. When I bought it, I realized it was not so special.

A covering email.


From: M. Dolors Terrés (dolorsterres@gmail.com)

To: recruitment@theolympicgames.com

Subject: Job application.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I was pleased to learn of your need for a medical assistant at the forthcoming Olympic Games.

I am qualified and keen to join your team. Throughout my career I have maintained the highest performance standards in my jobs.

After reading your requirements for this job, I think I am well qualified in terms of training, experience and abilities, which leads me to submit my candidacy for this job. Now I am studying English, level B2, and next year I am going to do First Certificate

Aware of the importance of the Olympic Games, I feel very attracted to them. As I have reflected in my CV, I like challenges.

I am good at expressing myself, taking decisions, listening to people, and I enjoy helping people with their problems. All these skills together with my qualification in the field of health have enabled me to do different jobs.

Attached is my resume. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my skills and knowledge personally.

Yours faithfully,